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Our specialty is marketing strategies, graphic design and brand building.
We help clients to collect leads through all their social channels and then turn leads into paying customers through automation.
In todays marketing environment there are endless possibilities in a highly complex digital world. Our main policy is to solve current marketing challenges through the social media medium, which most of the time can be improved on. We believe strongly that this is The Key of Marketing.
Example of how we respond to client inquiry about launching an online marketing campaign:
We get to know your business, what you stand for and then we start analysing your target group. Now that we know your target group we set up highly effective advertisement with strategic design and advanced targeting to collect leads on your social channels.
Through system integration we sync all leads in groups and fields and then run different email marketing campaigns on each group or field. The different leads are then converted into paying customers through custom email campaigns depending on their selection from previous marketing campaigns.

Our offices are based Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland from here we help brands to grow all over the world.

We offer all around marketing services for our clients such as (but not limited to) email marketing, Social media advertising, graphic design, Search engine optimization, building websites, brand building, content building, courses and lectures.

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or a company”
-  Marty Neumeier

If you have a good feeling about us, contact us and we will make your customers feel the same way about you!

Below you can see the company's directors.

Oddur Jarl Haraldsson
Marketing Director / Founder & Owner
Ægir Hreinn Bjarnason
Head of Sales / Owner
Hlynur Þór Pétursson
Publication Manager
Jenný Huld Þorsteinsdóttir
Design Director