• About us

    Every day, we strive to do two things: help companies thrive on social media and provide exceptional education for individuals. With our services we offer to manage companies social media accounts by creating exceptional & great looking ads. We offer both real live and online courses on social media.

    Expect More

    We look to creating real value to our customers and students. We both want to provide exceptional service and establish a personal connection with our customers and students.

  • Social Media Platforms

    We use Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube & LinkedIn

    Other Services

    Our services also include graphic design, email marketing, website design, photography, videography and more

We are a Social Marketing Media Agency, based in Iceland.

We offer high quality services world wide.

Below you can see the company's directors.

Oddur Jarl Haraldsson
Marketing Director / Founder & Owner

Ægir Hreinn Bjarnason
Head of Sales / Owner

Axel Magnús Kristjánsson
Project Manager